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Issue #83: August, 2010

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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of the Society for Advancement of Consulting, LLC -

Issue #83: August, 2010

* Use social media platforms to extend your intellectual property and repute, but not as primary marketing vehicles.

* A blog is inexpensive and a powerful tool to promote your brand and work, but you must update it several times a week, and provide value not promotion.

* Look around the room at any professional meeting. Are there people there from whom you can learn? If not, why are you attending the function regularly?

* There may be nothing new under the sun, but the degree to which you make approaches relevant and powerful for today's society, technology, and economy is critical to standing out in a crowd.

* Anyone who tells you that you don't need errors and omissions insurance (malpractice) is dumb. If it's a lawyer telling you, then you've met a dumb lawyer (not all that unusual).

* I understand the growing popularity of electronic books, but I don't care if they become holographic—you must have valuable content, not matter what the transmittal device.

* If you're ever uncertain about how a buyer makes buying decisions, ask yourself how you make your major purchase decisions. Is it based on people approaching you out of the blue; what you read; referrals from others; what you hear?

* PowerPoint is less and less of an intelligent option in any presentation, but particularly in marketing meetings. Putting up slides instantly transforms you into a commodity.

* With iPhones, iPads, lap tops, and assorted derivatives that work globally, there is zero excuse for not returning messages within 24 hours. When you don't do so, it's probably that you'd be considered rude or unprofessional. (Do you enjoy that treatment from prospects and clients?)

* If you really want to reach someone and express personal interest, pick up the phone.

© Alan Weiss 2010. All rights reserved.

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