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Jerry Hutcheson

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Jerry Hutcheson


I am new to the consulting world and I have posted on here in the past. I read Alan's book Million Dollar Consultant back in September of last year. I promptly started working on my own consulting practice. And signed up for Alan's Consulting College for December of last year. 

Now I have my book coming out shortly. It is the first book I have ever written, and it is being published via Createspace the self-publisher.

I am a cybersecurity expert, and my book is entitled "One False Click: How to protect your company in the coming cyberwar"

I am working on my book launch and should start sending it out to prospects as soon as I get it. This will be 10 months from Consulting College to book published. 

So even though I do not have any paying clients yet. I believe I am on the right track to getting a successful consulting practice going.

As soon as it gets assigned on Amazon maybe some folks on here could do a book review for me. The book is not technical and is aimed at executive management and IT executives. If anyone would like a free copy to review please let me know.

I would also like to thank Alan and his guidance at consulting college to get my book out there and written.


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Jerry Hutcheson

Thanks. Got the mentor, Val, and she has been great. Still working on the clients.

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Oriol López

Congrats, Jerry!

Following this community advice, I always send 2 copies of my book. One of them with bookmarks and a note for the EB; the other one for him/her to send to another EB. 

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