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Hard cover book sales in the US


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I know our primary purpose of our books is give them to buyers and potential buyers

My marketing proposal indicated I would sell 7000 books. Talking with my publisher recently she was worried only 127 hard cover books have been sold in the US since May!

4000 sold else where, excluding Amazon.  (At one point, yes I looked Alan, Kindle Leadership Material was at #400 on Amazon Leadership books, woohoo).


127 copies is disappointing given excerpts from Leadership Material have been published in Forbes.com,  Huffington Post, CEO Magazine and a few others.

What ideas might drive US hard cover business books sales given I am in NZ? And how obligated am I to meet the proposed marketing sales targets for publishers?


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Alan Weiss

Wait a minute. You've sold over 4,000 books thus far, which is quite good. There is NO obligation in terms of where they are sold. A sale is a sale. 

Second, you have no accountability to the publisher. Publishers today do next to no marketing (even with Lifestorming, Wiley set up interviews, but it was Marshall's and my promotional activities that moved the book) and then ask you why the book isn't doing still better!

So your four-sevenths to your goal so far. Tell he publisher to get a calculator. 

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