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Finally, after 2.5 years since I first listened to a conference call by Alan on writing a book and a bit more than 2 years since I did the 60 day sprint for the proposal, my text is ready to go. I'd welcome people that would be willing to review what I have and, possibly, provide a testimonial for the cover or inside pages. I'm also open to thoughts on the title:

Align 7 Forces to Accelerate Your Business: Financial success = management action [F=mA] (original title)

Accelerate Start to Finish: Align 7 Forces to Propel You (title at end of book proposal spring in 2015)

Forced to Succeed

Scale It, Then Nail It


Driven to Succeed

Accelerate: Align the Forces

Align 7 Forces to Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate Profitable Growth: Align the 7 Forces Stopping You

Accelerate Profitable Growth: Align the 7 Forces Opposing You

Force Yourself to Succeed

Don't Let Your Company Die: 7 Ways to Revitalize Your Company

Of course, I offer a copy to those that help. Your choice of .pdf, other electronics, or softback.

Thanks, All

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I submitted proposals 2 years ago after the book proposal sprint and received no interest. I'm going down the path of self publishing. I don't see any harm in sending the proposal to publishers again with more of the work than just one chapter. 

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Linda Henman

Paul, I like Forced to Succeed.

Have you tried Business Expert Press and Career Press? You can go directly to them. You don't need an agent.   

They probably won't want to see more of the work, just the proposal and a sample chapter.

I'd go that route before you decide to self-publish.

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Just curious, did you send proposals directly to publishers or to agents? And how many? I'd suggest a minimum of 20 proposals to agents. 

The key section is on what important problem are you solving, and what makes your book different from the others out there that are addressing it--hopefully, dramatically different. If you nail that, then the book title and chapter titles will resonate.

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I did not keep a copy of the letters I sent or even a list of whom I sent it to. My recollection is it was closer to 6 publishers, not agents, that I sent it to. I've reached out to Business Expert Express via Scott Isenberg. He responded to the email and LInkedIn invitation and we will talk tomorrow.

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Did get an agreement from Business Expert Press. Also got one from Kitsap Publishing. Investigated Made for Success Publishing. Decided on Kitsap Publishing based on list pricing of the book, approach to pricing book to authors (list minus discount versus the cost of printing plus markup), ability to brand cover design my way versus their way, access to printing collateral materials. Kitsap was recommended to me by Dan Weedin, one of the Private Mentors in Alan's group. Thanks, everyone.

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