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We got by with a little help from our friends

Linda Henman

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Linda Henman

Constance and I have just received the manuscript for our book, The Merger Mindset, that is scheduled for release Nov. 15. I thought all of you who helped would enjoy a preview of our Acknowledgement page.

Were it not for the insight and unsolicited (but welcome) advice of our friend Roberta Matuson, the author of Suddenly in Charge, this book may never have been written. While on a break at a conference, Roberta said to us, “You two should write a book on M&A.” We immediately agreed with her. She knew then that we could write a book about the leadership and behavioral dynamics that affect mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. She also knew that no one else had written about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals from a psychological perspective. Thank you, Roberta, for seeing what we didn’t.

We then invited Linda Popky, our dear friend with whom we have worked, traveled, and dined, into our project. A published author herself, Linda provided insightful feedback, editing, and more than a little levity.

Neither of us would have known the other, or Roberta and Linda, if it weren’t for Alan Weiss. Alan, who has known and mentored us both for many years, continues to be a source of rare insight and wisdom. We are each better off for spending time with Alan and, more importantly, listening to him. More than any other person in our professional lives, Alan has made the difference between doing well and thriving. Many others in Alan’s community also contributed advice and ideas. We consulted them when we attended workshops and when we visited Alan’s online forum. It’s great to have top-notch consultants from all over the world offer sage advice.

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Richard Citrin

Great community. Congratulatons Linda and Constance. I know those intense work sessions at the beach were so draining!


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