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My first manuscript is in...and there are many thanks to offer

Jim Karrh

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"Forumers," I'm pleased to report that I have submitted the manuscript for my first book "Manage Your Message: Using the Science of Customer Conversations to Grow Your Business" to Career Press. I also have a contract for the audio version with Brilliance Publishing. If all goes according to plan, then we'll be on the market in Fall 2019.

I believe this will be the first of many. And I would not have done it without Alan and many of you.

Lisa Nirell first introduced me to Alan and this amazing community. I first worked with Alan several years ago in a small "Write Stuff" group, then later took the leap to a KAATN commitment. Yes, Alan kicked my A. Although there was little in the way of short-term gratification, I am convinced that Alan provided the foundational mindset that enabled me to get to this point.

I'll continue to draw upon the wisdom and generosity of this group for the best possible launch. Hope that i can encourage others, too. I'm in SAC and will contribute as best I can from Flyover Country (Little Rock). 

I doubt that I can buy Alan his annual Giganto Lobster as a measure of thanks...but at least here's a virtual tip of the hat.  



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