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Book to Publish in February in London and New York


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My first commercially published book International Supply Chain Relationships: Creating Competitive Advantage in a Globalized Economy will be published on 3rd February in London and 28th February in New York.

Getting this book deal with an international publisher was in large part down to having done the 60-day book sprint with Alan and the structure and quality of the book proposal that resulted from that. If you are thinking about doing the book sprint, just do it, it works. 

If anybody is interested in receiving a hard review copy, just email your postal address to me at pdaly@albalogistics.com and I will have the publisher forward a copy to you.

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not = now

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Linda Henman

Patrick, have you considered emailing the book to people to review? That's what I've done for the previous two. Saves a lot of time and postage, especially since you're mailing internationally. 

You can just send the final manuscript. It doesn't have to be the e-book version.

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Hi Linda.

I can do that also if people prefer. The publisher has provided me with a pdf file of the proof copy that I can send by email.

It was just that the publisher offered to send hard copies for free to people who would review. 

I figured that getting hard copies into peoples’s hand might be good. There is no cost in time or money to me directly except passing on the addresses. 

I can do either or both, whatever people prefer.

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Nadine GreinerPhD

Hello Patrick,


Are you still looking for reviews?  If so, please email manuscript to DrNadine@gmail.com.  Happy to read and review.



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