Nadine GreinerPhD

Will give a free Conflict assessment and 30 minute exchange for a review of my book "The Art of Executive Coaching"

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Nadine GreinerPhD

Hello community,

Thank you for reading this.  The book is "The Art of Executive Coaching:  Secrets to Unlock Leadership Performance".  It is doing great, selling, and getting excellent reviews.  But a few more excellent reviews would help...this is where you could come in!  It is a quick and entertaining read, and Alan wrote the intro :)  Here it is on Amazon:

I can help you out in exchange.  Ever wondered what your top two approaches to conflict are?  And how you can expand your choices to respond to conflict with another 3 options?  Well it would be my pleasure to take you on this little journey of expanded insight and choice.  This is an assessment tool that I use in executive coaching, and have access to as a psychologist.  I would also gift you the 30 minutes of interpretation and light coaching.

Please let me know if you are interested.  Here or at


Dr. Nadine

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