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Bad Moon Rising

Linda Henman

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On prom night, May 3, 1969, a dear friend, Mike Morrison, and his date, Debbie Means, were brutally murdered in IL. Fifty years later, his brother, Ed Morrison, has written about what happened that night.

He began the project because he wanted to understand what had happened. The murderer was neither prosecuted nor convicted for the crime, but he went to prison for a time for raping a girl in a nearby town.

Ed's book is about inept police work and laziness and fear on the part of the prosecution, but it's so much more. It's about forgiveness and ridding oneself of guilt, which is the ultimate forgiveness.

You can buy the Kindle version for $4. He's donating the profits to the high school where his brother would have been valedictorian a few weeks after he was murdered. It's a college scholarship fund.

So, if you're interested, download the book and then write a review for Ed. The book is  Bad Moon Rising: The Prom Night Murder Memoir. (Mike had been singing the lyrics to Credence's lyrics "Don't go 'round tonight. It's bound to take your life. There's a bad moon on the rise" the last time Ed saw him)

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