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On 3/19/2020 at 8:03 PM, popky said:

pick up the dog.

Be still my heart...Mocha has no idea he's a "dog."  

All the best...Dave

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On 3/25/2020 at 8:58 AM, Alan Weiss said:

Does everyone really need to be tested? I don't think so.

I agree as long as:

1. People self isolate if they worry they have been exposed. 

2. Social distancing is practiced to limit exposure

3. If you are feeling sick you treat yourself as if you do have the virus.

The curve is is definitely not flattening in the US generally. And Louisiana now has the fastest infection rate in the world largely from Mardi Gras and Mega church pastors holding services for 1000 people at a time according to the New Orleans Mayor.


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Alan Weiss

That's my point, if we follow the precautions provided, there is no reason for insanely long testing lines and dumb metrics while also using up test kits that could be held for the truly symptomatic. 

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You can corral the virus by massive testing like in South Korea or by confining people rigorously to their homes and enforcing physical distancing  as in China or some intermediate combination of both applied with rigour.

Here in Ireland, we are combining both higher levels of testing than most other countries in the world with strict physical distancing measures that have have been ratcheted up gradually over the last few weeks.

Today the government announced new physical distancing restrictions on top of those that have been in place for the last two weeks. These now  essentially keep us in our homes permanently,  except for essential errants, essential work and exercise within 2km of our homes.

Our approach seems to be working. Our rate of growth in new cases has slowed from about 30% per day two weeks ago to about 15% per day now, our ICU cases have been manageable so far and our mortality rate, while tragic for every family involved,  is low in comparison to many of our close neighbours.

This thing needs to be combatted with rigour and everybody in the community needs to be on message. I recognise that as a small country it is much easier for us to have a uniformity of message and a sense of common purpose and this is not easily replicated in larger more complex societies such as the US. 

Our (acting) government, opposition, unions, academics, scientists, and business community are all on message and have been from the outset about a month ago when the first case was detected here. This has been crucial in the positive progress to date.


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