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Wins in the Covid Crisis

Hamish Mackenzie

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Just signed an $800K engagement.  My focus for the past 6 weeks has been industries positively impacted by Covid. This client has increased growth by 27% since Covid.

I conducted a pro-bono engagement with a regional hospice health care system, which I commenced two weeks ago. They serve about a hundred patients with two dozen nurses and caregivers, and were spendi

- I connected a metal fabricator who had furloughed its 35 staff into a new ventilator manufacturing initiative for which they can make aluminium and polycarbonate parts. - I found a temporary st

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Richard Citrin

Congratulations, Roberta. Are you going to have to decrease your clamming time?

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Becky Morgan
28 minutes ago, Roberta Matuson said:

@Becky Morgan, I believe March 31, 2021.

Mine is Feb 1, but I only asked them for 4 months so it’s all good. 

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Alan Weiss

If we're talking publishing, I have four contracts at the moment, and I'm halfway through the first (and original) book. I just learned my agent actually got Wiley interested in a fifth, an update of Organizational Consulting which was never intended as a book but was used to fill in when someone else didn't come through. It must be 20 years old.

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