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Seeking referrals in times of crisis

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I would appreciate hearing how people are seeking referrals right now, and what language you are using. @Alan Weiss I'd love to hear your thoughts on this of course. You've been advising us to call current, past, and potential clients to ask how they are doing and how we can help, which I've been doing. However, these are the same people I would normally be reaching out to for referrals. It feels like too much to add "and by the way, can you introduce me to Patty Smith at the XYZ organization". This is compounded by the fact that I'm mostly getting people's voicemail. and leaving voice messages.

I do feel I can add tremendous value to my clients right now. AND I really need more clients so I want to keep seeking referrals. I'm just not sure of the right language and the right order.

One approach I've just started is to suggest that we find time to talk (I include this in the voice message I leave) and then follow up by email the next day to schedule a call. My hope is that on that call I could ask for a referral.

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Alan Weiss

1. Mindset: You aren't asking for a favor or imposing, you're trying to help more and more people who need your help.

2. Attitude: Confidence, maturity, peer-to-peer conversation, I'd do the same for them.

3. Behavior: "Joan, I'm trying to help as many people as I can during these urgent times, and I'm asking all of my clients and colleagues to help me with this. For example, I think the president of Acme is on your board, and I'd love to meet her or call her and cite you as a client. Can you assist me with this?"


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