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Wacko book price


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My book Leadership Levers is being released on 4th November and the hardback is priced at US $150 (NZ$212). It is super weird.

I know the book is immensely valuable but the hard cover price has me stunned. Soft cover is US$29.99, or NZ$52 and even with my authors discount, it is up there.



Have others of you had your book priced like this? The price alone must surely make it a collectors item.

The good news is that is has been included in UBIQ which is the New Zealand Universities book shops.


Amazon has the kindle and paper back versions at $29.95 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09GK77FJ2  If you want to pre-order a copy go for it, or if you would like a complimentary pdf to review, and post your review on AMAZON email me at dianaj@diana-jones.com 

If you want to understand group dynamics, how to ensure people love being in the groups you lead, intimacy, authenticity, empathy, and how to bring out the best in others, then this is the book for you.


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Aviv Ben-Yosef


I see you and Becky Morgan have the same publisher. Her book came out last month and is similarly priced (hardcover is $120). Initially, she thought this was just some weird pricing until release, but I see it hasn’t changed. Might want to check with her.

And, of course, congratulations!

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Alan Weiss

Very weird. I introduced a lot of people here to the parent company, Taylor and Francis. I find them a pleasure to work with. They have published two or three of my books, hard cover, at "normal" prices. If I were you, I'd push the paperback, use a personalized hard cover as a special "gift."

To everyone: Don't forget you're not in the book-selling business. (If I'm not, certainly you're not.) Be careful where you put your energy. The point of a book is to promote your expertise and business.

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Roberta Matuson

The hardcover version of my newest book, Can We Talk (Kogan Page) is listed at $80. Like you @DianaI was a bit stunned. When I asked about this, I was told the hardcover is for library purchases and that libraries are accustomed to that sort of pricing.

The majority of my other books have been paperback, so I’m doing what Alan is suggesting, and directing people to the paperback and Kindle editions.

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Thanks @Aviv Ben-Yosef I'll talk with @Becky Morgan. She and I worked with the same publisher, her book came out a little ahead of mine.

Yes Alan, I'm encouraging people to buy the kindle or soft backed version. Good idea re special gift of personalized hard backed copies. I receive 10 free.

It seems US buyers like the hard cover version, Aussie and NZ buyers prefer the paper back versions. They are not too heavy to carry and the price difference is substantial with this book.

@Roberta Matuson of course, for Libraries! that makes more sense. 


7 hours ago, Alan Weiss said:

Be careful where you put your energy.

This one is quite a challenge at this point. Tand F have marketing staff is US, Australia and NZ all with different functions I need to relate to in the short term. The book is being printed in Australia in an attempt to get it into New Zealand faster than the US 4th Nov production date. I still don't have a date for the Wellington launch. However its pending arrival is all very exciting, and I'm talking with clients about what's in the book. Ive picked up a 3 month Lead team turn around, and two year long coaching projects this week. I forgot I was slowing down.


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